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That’s her and who’s in zone and has been a member for a few, I’m sure that you’ve met her. She brags that she’s had sex with over 40 guys in two years of being a member at Amateur Match and has never gotten caught by her husband or her permanent lover. She’s taking all the credit for herself. But in reality we all know that it’s the system set up by the guys over at that make it safe to cheat. If you won’t get caught it’s also thanks to their very secure and discrete system srt up to prevent non members checking you out and to ensure that your profile remains private and that the search engines can’t pick up your personal data and post if for the world to see. This takes a lot of work and very few dating sites offer this.

Beach babe from Miami new member at The Match!

Beach babe from Miami new member at The Match!

Now that is a really nice ass, the ass belongs an Amateur Match member from Miami in sunny Florida. She let me use her profile image to post here as you can see, but preferred that her name stayed a blank. However she did tell me to say, that if anyone is in the Miami or South Florida area and is looking for some fun this weekend, to log on to their AM account and to search for Cheating Babe 31 Florida and she will be the first of the search results on page 1.

Thats how easy it is to find chicks on and if you’re a dude, I guarantee you that it’s just as easy for you guys to find babes looking for sex. So, at this point, if you’re not a member yet I suggest you take up the free trial and get to work… for free!

Amateur match member since 2002

I’m not kidding you! The woman above has been a member of Amateur Match dating for the past eleven and a half years. When we met up (she’s from Jacksonville FL close to where I station), she told me that she’s had sex with at least 450 different men and all of them through this dating site and a few others that she’s a member of that are, and now because she’s turned 40…

I reported this back to the guys over at the administration and they didn’t think twice to make sure that the woman above has “Free” access to all the sites that she’s signed up to for life. Simply because she’s used the brands for this long. They also are looking into it, but are already certain that its a record. There are many that have been signed up for seven or eight years now, but thirteen is above and beyond anything!

Anyways I asked her what was the best date that she went on thanks to the dating service and she replied, that still has to come! Every new date is always the best!

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Jenna, young mother has always cheated, and is looking to cheat once again.

Jenna, young mother has always cheated, and is looking to cheat once again.

I really don’t see anything wrong with it, just like another 19,000,000 men that are members over at AmateurMatch, never the less the 22,000,000 women that are members as well. Thats why we’re all here, for the sex, no one really is looking for a relationship, no one is looking for a husband or a wife or romance, what they want is some hard sex, then back they go to their lives, to their husbands and boyfriends. I spoke to Jenna later on yesterday afternoon and not only is she hot as you can see from the image below, but she’s a very smart young mom. Her husband is banging her cousin and she pretends that she knows nothing about it, she wants the family to stay together, until the kids leave home, and seen as he’s doing it, she thought that she could do with some extra sex on the side and that is when a good friend of hers, suggested

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We had absolutely no doubt in that, and here is another update and a photograph of a very pretty woman that signed up the service and Odyssey for sex, well actually to find sex at the master of all sex dating websites: Amateur Match. her name is Darlene she is from Qu├ębec in Canada she is married, but she thinks that the time has come to cheat on her husband, she swore blimey to me when I spoke to her over the live chat just a few hours ago that she yet still has to cheat on her husband and the reason that she signed up yesterday to the service is because she found out he is cheating on her and as he is at it she thinks that she shouldn’t be less and wants to have sex with men from the age of 25 to 45, even more than one man at the time depending how she feels in that moment and she is willing to travel from maximum of 25 km, don’t ask me how many miles that is I don’t know go on Google and use the calculator LOL.

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